HTTP Transport Utilities

This package contains classes and other utilities useful for accessing and providing access to resources via the HTTP transport protocols. Currently, only HTTP/1.0 and HTTP/1.1 are supported.

The package is organized into four distinct parts,

  1. protocol utilities,
  2. client utilities,
  3. consumer utilities, and
  4. service utilities.

Protocol Utilities

The protocol utilities, which reside in this package, are used for enumerating HTTP status codes, methods and versions, as well as for organizing HTTP headers.

Client and Consumer Utilities

These are used to initiate HTTP connections to remote hosts. The client utilities are primarily useful for establishing connections to regular HTTP servers, while the consumer utilities assist in fulfilling the additional requirements for connecting to Arrowhead HTTP services.

Service Utilities

These are useful for providing Arrowhead services over HTTP. Refer to the package documentation for more details.
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