Package se.arkalix

Arrowhead Kalix Basic Utilities

Arrowhead Basics

Arrowhead Framework defines three primary entities, which are (1) devices, (2) systems and (3) services. A physical device, such as a server or IoT device can host one or more systems, each of which can provide zero or more services. A service could be thought of as a network API made available through a well-defined set of network interfaces. Systems can consume the services other systems provide, where consuming concretely entails exchanging messages. More details about the Arrowhead Framework can be read on the official website, while more information about Arrowhead Kalix is available on

About This Package

This package most significantly contains the ArSystem class, which is what allows a Kalix application to host Arrowhead systems. In addition, it significantly contains various interfaces that represents the system's ability to provide and consume services.

Setting Up Kalix Logging

The Kalix libraries use SLF4J as logging front-end, which means that a concrete logging framework has to be chosen as back-end if wanting logging messages to be generated. Example projects with logging set up can be found on