Interface TrustedContractOffer

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    public interface TrustedContractOffer
    A concrete offer for two parties to enter into a legally binding contract.

    Each offer updates a so-called negotiation session, which contains all data currently associated with an on-going or previously closed negotiation.

    Instances of this type are trusted in the sense that they either (1) come from trusted sources or (2) will be sent to systems that trust their senders.

    • Method Detail

      • offerorName

        java.lang.String offerorName()
        Name of offer sender.

        This is not necessarily the name of the system sending this message, but of the identity that is to concretely make the offer, which may or may not be the same as the name of the system sending this message.

      • receiverName

        java.lang.String receiverName()
        Name of offer receiver.
      • validAfter

        java.time.Instant validAfter()
        Instant after which this offer becomes acceptable.
      • validUntil

        java.time.Instant validUntil()
        Instant after which this offer can no longer be accepted or rejected.
      • expiresIn

        default java.time.Duration expiresIn()
        Duration until this offer expires.
      • contracts

        java.util.List<TrustedContract> contracts()
        Offered contracts.
      • offeredAt

        java.time.Instant offeredAt()
        Time at which this offer was created.