Package se.arkalix.core.plugin.cp

Contract Proxy Plugins and Utilities

The types provided by this package are meant to reduce the amount of work required to correctly integrate against services that can be provided by an Arrowhead Contract Proxy system.

An Arrowhead Contract Proxy helps authorized Arrowhead systems send, receive, accept and reject offers to enter into legally binding digital contracts. How it concretely makes accepted offers legally binding is out of the scope of this package. However, it can always be assumed that each Contract Proxy owns at least one legal identity and trusts and is able to communicate with at least one other legal identity. When formulating offers, one owned and one trusted legal identity must be named in that offer. This package currently provides no means for those names to be learned. This means that they must be established some other way before this package can be meaningfully used.

See Also:
ArTrustedContractNegotiationService, ArTrustedContractObservationService