Class HttpJsonEventSubscribeService

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      static se.arkalix.ArConsumerFactory<HttpJsonEventSubscribeService> factory()  
      se.arkalix.description.ServiceDescription service()  
      se.arkalix.util.concurrent.Future<?> subscribe​( subscription)
      Sends given subscription request.
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      • subscribe

        public se.arkalix.util.concurrent.Future<?> subscribe​( subscription)
        Description copied from interface: ArEventSubscribeService
        Sends given subscription request.
        Specified by:
        subscribe in interface ArEventSubscribeService
        subscription - Subscription details.
        Future completed when the subscription attempt is known to have succeeded or failed.
      • service

        public se.arkalix.description.ServiceDescription service()
        Specified by:
        service in interface se.arkalix.ArConsumer